Automate Your Fact-Finding Process &
Scale Your Business with Confidence.
Plannerpad is the most efficient way to streamline your fact-finding process, complete with documents collection & Optimo Pathfinder integration.
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Plannerpad Core Features
Automated Fact Finding
No one enjoys filling out a long form, which is why we are obsessed with automating your end-to-end fact finding process.
Planners using our platform save anywhere between 2 to 6 hours per client, while collecting high quality responses and focusing their time on growing your business.
Forms with Intelligence
Still using paper-based forms that overwhelm your clients and slow you down?
Plannerpad starts with basic questions and expands as required to handle the most complex financial situations. It collects all the information for you to understand clients’ needs so you can provide accurate advice.
Powerful Document Collection
We understand how important it is to collect right documents, but also how tedious it can be. So we built the most powerful and flexible document collection tool right into Plannerpad.
Use our intuitive document collection feature, rename your clients files, download them all as a zip file and more, all in an Enterprise-Grade secure file storage.
Create Financial Strategies in Minutes, not Hours
Plannerpad is integrated with Optimo Pathfinder - the leading online strategy development platform. After your clients send their details, transfer their data to Pathfinder at the click of a button.
Pathfinder crunches the numbers and produces a financial strategy that you can present to your clients.
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Plannerpad Pricing
$99 / Month
Fast, easy-to-use CRM to collect and manage client information
Automated online Fact Find for clients, with Smart Forms
Automated document collection system
Documents downloaded into zip file and file renaming capability
Personalize your Plannerpad account with your own colours and images
Add your own personalized intro video
Your contact details on every page
Your logo and portrait on every page
Automatic generation of detailed client PDF report
Integration with Optimo Pathfinder
Eliminate manual data entry to Optimo Pathfinder with a single click of a button
Uploads client data to Optimo Pathfinder ready to create financial strategies
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